The process of producing customised detergents

Italchimes - a company specialized in the production of liquid detergents - has created customised products for specific requests or formulations received from the customer. Italchimes studies the formula, selects the latest generation raw materials and designs the packaging, offering products that stand out for quality and functionality.

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2020 Catalogue of Professional Detergents

Italchimes produces professional detergents.
The company offers a wide range of chemical cleaning products for every sector (catering, HO.Re.Ca, industry), setting (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, car), object (floors, upholstery, dishes, ovens, dishwashers, engines, piping), material (ceramic, stoneware, steel, wood, marble, PVC, linoleum, windows and mirrors, carpets, rugs and fabric), function (high-shine cleaner, degreaser, sanitizer, deodorant, residue remover, wash & wax and wax removers, laundry detergent and softener).

To learn more about the world of cleaning and all the detergents produced, flip through the online version of the Italchimes 2020 detergent catalogue.

Detergents for professional cleaning

Italchimes is a cutting-edge company that constantly invests in research and development for industrial detergents. With 39 years of experience in the detergents and professional cleaning sector, Italchimes is one of the leading detergent producers in Italy. The company offers its own line of detergents as well as producing personalised detergents for third parties.
Besides producing detergents that bear the Italchimes brand and are sold through the catalogue, the company also offers high-quality services:

  • tailor-made packaging and personalised labels
  • consultancy in relation to regulations and safety datasheets
  • transportation and logistics in compliance with regulations
  • sampling and laboratory testing

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A company that offers certified quality

Italchimes sets precise objectives: be effective (updates, research and technology are the keys to success), be local (offer rapid and competent consulting to provide solutions for customers' problems).

    Pursue certified quality with the following tools: professionalism (innovation is the result of extensive preparation), competence (the ability to create advanced formulations that give professional results), assistance (working with the customer to develop ad hoc projects), rigour (observing strict protocols in compliance with Standard ISO 9001).

Production of tailor-made detergents

Italchimes produces tailor-made detergents selecting raw materials that are effective and eco-friendly, developing functional formulas and producing and packaging tailor-made detergents with the option of integrating warehouse storage, transportation and logistic services.

A production process leads to the tailor-made detergent in 6 steps. Download the guide that explains the production process for industrial detergents.

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Services for companies

Consultancy for regulations

The safety datasheet for detergents is an important element that must comply with legal requirements. Italchimes develops and writes up all the documentation relating to the detergents and their correct use.

Logistics services

Qualified carriers make deliveries all over Italy and Europe, using ADR certified vehicles and operating in compliance with applicable regulations. Punctuality and precision are typical of the transportation of detergents by Italchimes.

Laboratory services

Italchimes has a chemistry laboratory that can take samples, test detergents and conduct comparative trials. The company provides assistance and support for any requests before and after the sale.

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The HO.RE.CA line is dedicated to the world of catering: hotels, restaurants and bars, and includes high-performance professional detergents.

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Italchimes researches and produces high-performance industrial detergents for cleaning even the most resistant filth off any surface: ceramic, stoneware, steel, aluminium, brass and copper. It specialises in the production of detergents for vehicles (motor vehicles, cars and engines), solar panels, piping and tanks. Discover the products in the Industry line: residue removers, degreasers, sanitizers, shampoos, concentrated detergents and ready-to-use products.

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Italchimes creates miscellaneous detergents for different surfaces and needs: detergents for cleaning outdoor surfaces for gardening applications and to remove moss and algae, fluidifiers for tanks, repellents and deterrents for animals such as dogs and cats, scented detergents for everyday cleaning, defoamers, detergents for fireplace glass and heaters and even liquid hand soap for personal hygiene.

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