Italchimes provides all the services needed to produce personalised detergents

Italchimes works alongside the customer throughout the various phases to personalise the product. It's not only a supplier, but also a reliable partner that can lend a hand with the various choices to reach the end product, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Consultancy in relation to regulations and safety datasheets

The detergent safety datasheet is an essential element that has to meet precise legal requirements.
Italchimes calls on qualified, accredited consultants to draw up the necessary documentation, also providing the translation of label and safety datasheet in the language of your country.
In addition, Italchimes offers an excellent aftersales service to support the customer in the event of problems, and provides information and advice for the correct use of its detergents.

Logistics services

Qualified carriers make deliveries all over Italy and Europe, with ADR certified vehicles and in accordance with the regulations in force.
When it comes to logistics, punctuality and good service are fundamental for customer satisfaction.

Laboratory services

The Italchimes laboratory offers its customers all the necessary support, whatever the request. Telephonic assistance, legislation updates and prompt information are fundamental for ensuring constant customer support.
The lab also provides sampling, tests on materials, comparative tests and aftersales services.