Our production process for professional detergents

The production process for Italchimes professional detergents is divided into the following stages:

1) Selection of raw materials and monitoring

There are numerous raw materials available on the market - more than 100,000.
Italchimes chooses from those that combine effectiveness and practicality with respect for the environment. The ethical choice and constant substance checking are the mainstays that bring together all the various components leading to the creation of an end product that's both effective and stable over time.

2) Production

The detergent's journey has just begun. Once the formal phase of procedures and regulations has been concluded, it's time to go into production. Italchimes uses equipment and tools that guarantee the correct production cycle, applying strict controls and checks on the raw materials being processed right through to the completed product.

3) Control and packaging

Quality Control makes sure that all the values correspond to the defined standard. All the chain control data are formalised and stored.
At this point, the detergent reaches the end phase. The requested packaging (or the one considered most suitable) is ready to contain the product and give it its final form.

4) Storage and logistics

A centralised computerised system schedules and manages the various storage and logistics flow phases. The end product, in its final packaging, is placed on pallets and wrapped up, then labelled with the complete indications: name, quantity, batch and production date. It is then sent to the appropriate section of the end product warehouse, ready for shipment. A practical, streamlined system that completes the path of Italchimes' professional detergents. That are now ready to be sent to the customer.