Check our FAQ to see the answers to the most common questions about our detergents and chemical products

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are the questions that pop up most often, especially from our new customers. Our replies include little solutions for resolving a doubt or for clarifying quickly and efficiently. For any further information, our Customer Assistance is always on hand.

Third parties
Do you produce on behalf of third parties?

Italchimes produces on behalf of third parties, with personalised formulas and/or the customer's logo

Sales to individuals
Does Italchimes sell to individuals?

Italchimes only supplies its products to companies with a VAT no.

Are there minimum quantities?

The order minimum isn't usually high, but it depends on the type of packaging (personalised or standard)

Product variations
It is possible to purchase an existing product but with a different scent/colour?

Yes, it is possible (respecting the waiting time for the lab test results and minimum production quantities)

Personalised products
Is it possible to purchase products with our own logo on them? Can you provide the complete service (graphic design study, labelling, packaging)?

One of Italchimes' strengths is its ability to provide complete assistance for everything concerning the study of the image and the product

Personalised labels
Do you also make products with a personalised logo?

Italchimes works with a design studio that creates personalised labels with the customer's logo

Personalised formula
Is it possible to purchase a personalised product, with a completely new formula?

Italchimes can produce to the customer's request, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the specific formula. Minimum batches of 1000kg

Exclusive rights
Can you give the exclusive rights for a product?

We can give exclusive rights on the basis of the quantity ordered