Customised products

Italchimes develops customised chemical products and detergents

Research is a serious commitment that Italchimes faces with awareness, to develop innovative new industrial chemical products for specific purposes. Standard ISO 9001 indicates the procedure to be followed, so that the product takes on its identity, developing what makes it unique.

Customised formula

To create the right product, you need to know what job it has to do and in which specific field. However, to obtain an effective professional detergent, there are other aspects to be kept in mind: the type of surface to be cleaned, the type of dirt, whether the product needs to be rinsed off or not, how the chemical product could react in adverse conditions and its environmental impact.

Customised labels and packaging

A label is a product's visiting card and the image that accompanies it on its journey and provides information on, illustrates and identifies it on the market. A label must also emphasise the links with the company: even labels for chemical products are the voice of who manufactures them. If you have no brand, we can create it: a communications agency works alongside Italchimes to design an effective, personal brand.

Create your detergent with your own brand

Complete the form, download the guide and discover the 6 steps required to create your product with its own brand.