Cookie policy

Like many other websites, uses navigation data, cookies and similar technology in order to recognise the user and personalise his/her navigation experience. Cookies are small text files downloaded onto the user's computer or mobile device when he/she visits a website or an application for a mobile device. Cookies are used to recognise the user's computer when he/she returns to a website or application already visited previously.

There are two main categories of cookie:

  • First-party cookies, sent directly by to the user's computer or mobile device. These are used by merely to recognise the computer or mobile device of the user when he/she visits the site again.
  • Third-party cookies, sent by the service provider of the website. These can be used to recognise the computer or mobile device of the user when he/she visits other platforms. Third-party cookies are used above all for analyses relating to the website, or for advertising purposes
Some cookies may remain in the user's computer or mobile device for some time. Others are known as 'session cookies' and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Yet another type of cookie is called 'permanent', and it remains in the computer even when the browser is closed; it is used to recognise the user's computer or mobile device when he/she opens the browser and begins navigating.

Types of cookies and their purpose:

  • Cookies necessary for essential purposes
    These cookies are essential for providing customer services via the website, and for using certain services like access to reserved areas. Without these cookies, it would be impossible to provide some requested services.
  • Functional cookies
    These cookies have a series of purposes relating to the presentation, performance and functions of the website. Their general purpose, however, is to improve the user's experience, allowing him/her to take full advantage of all the functions.
  • Analytical cookies
    These cookies are used to gather information about how visitors use the website.
    The information does not identify any individual user, and is gathered at global level. This information indicates the number of visits, the platforms that directed the users to and the website pages that the users visited.
  • Cookies for sharing the contents and for the social networks
    These cookies allow users to share pages and contents via third party social networks and other platforms. The companies that make use of these cookies may also use the users' information to create targeted advertising on other platforms.
How to control or delete cookies:
  • The user has the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies but, by deciding to refuse them, he/she may not be able to use the website to its full extent.
    The user can indicate a preference in relation to cookies by modifying the browser settings so that the cookies of cannot be inserted in his/her computer or mobile device. To do this, follow the instructions given by your browser.
    For more information about cookies, to see which cookies have been inserted in your computer or mobile device, and to find out how to manage or delete them, go to and

For more information about the processing of personal data by this website you can view the privacy policy.