Long live your coffee machine

From the first espresso machines, invented in Italy (and where else?) during the Belle Epoque, to their widespread distribution in bars and restaurants around the world that took place after the second war, until the invention of the machine for private and / or domestic use in recent decades, there’s a large part of the technological and social evolution of our history.

Technology has led to an evolution and refinement of the components and materials used, but many features are the same: an espresso coffee machine must have a boiler, one or more dispensing units, an electric heater, an electro-pump, a steam lance, a pressure gauge, a temperature control system, plus electronic and electrical components. The design of the espresso coffee machine is usually very attractive or trendy; not surprisingly, since it’s not only functional, but also a beautiful piece of furniture.

But let's talk about coffee: what is the right water for a good coffee? Water with a an average hardness (the amount of chemical elements such as calcium and magnesium) is considered the best solution. A fixed residue which is not too high, and the right amount of minerals ensures a tasty, creamy and fragrant cup.

A key point for cleaning the coffee machine is therefore the removal of the limescale that will form in the boiler for water heating (the harder the water, the more limescale will form). For this purpose there are numerous descaling products on the market, all based on the descaling effect of the acid they contain.

The various types of acid must be very effective in limescale removal but at the same time they must not be corrosive towards the materials; therefore some of the most used are phosphoric acid or sulfamic acid, which however are potentially aggressive, or a few organic acids. The best ones, from many points of view, are citric acid and lactic acid; besides being effective and safe, they are also ecological descalers, as they are of vegetable origin (e.g. sugar fermentation) and fully biodegradable.

Our descalers for coffee machines are based on these ingredients and therefore they are not only excellent descaling (their anti-limescale effectiveness is tested in our laboratories) and hygienizing products, but also perfectly compatible with our environment; use them regularly, and they will guarantee your machine to works for years, and a good coffee which is a delight for your palate and for nature.

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