Two-phase degreasers: beautiful to look at and more

One of the main needs in the industrial cleaning environment is the effective removal of particularly difficult dirt: equipment, tools or work surfaces to be thoroughly degreased; shed floors; garages and parking lots; truck trailer tarpaulin cleaning. To clean large surfaces it is mandatory that the product is suitable for use by means of mechanical cleaning tools, such as high pressure cleaners.

From the point of view of efficacy, a detergent of this type requires various chemical ingredients that perform different functions: there is a need for strong alkalinity given by caustic based products, capable of immediately attacking dirt; special surfactants are required and they are generally non-ionic surfactants, easy to rinse; then solvents are needed to dissolve the dirt, and chelating agents to neutralize the negative effect of water hardness. The high concentration of substances in a product of this type, combined with the high pH (equal to or greater than 13) means that some ingredients, such as surfactants, can be destabilized, compromising the appearance and effectiveness of the product. 

How to counter-act this incompatibility? The Columbus’ egg is to leave the incompatible ingredients in two different and immiscible phases, so that they do not damage each other; at the moment of use, simply shake the container so that they mix (temporarily) and take them, dilute them and get them into action immediately, for an enhanced effect! A touch of colour to highlight the separation in phases of the product and above all to remind the user to mix everything before use and ... that's it!

Italchimes has created BF479, a super concentrated detergent, a perfect blend of solvents, surfactants and sequestering and alkalizing agents, suitable for removing difficult dirt in an industrial environment. The high concentration makes it available as a biphasic product, with two distinct phases of different colours, which once mixed together, guarantee the degreasing and detergent action even on the most tenacious dirt.

To meet specific requests of our customers, Italchimes has also created a non-foaming version of the same product, due to a different formulation with special type of surfactants. The result, in any case, will be guaranteed!

Italchimes also has a wide range of formulations for specific uses always offering a total availability to producers and retailers for the development of new cleaning solutions, even for the most particular needs.

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