BF 479 - No Foam


Non foaming biphasic industrial degreaser

Ps 20°C: 
1,09 kg/l approx.
pH ≈

Super-concentrated detergent featuring the ideal combination of solvents, surfactants and binding and alkalizing agents, suitable for removing oil, grease, smog and heavy dirt from floors and/or heavily soiled surfaces. Suitable for use in cleaning heavy dirt from cars, trucks, earth-moving equipment, tarpaulins, engines, chassis and industrial floors in general. The product is made up of a high concentration of active substances, to be used in two distinct phases, which correspond to a different colour. Once mixed together by shaking, the product offers guaranteed degreasing and cleaning, even on the most stubborn dirt. With high emulsifying power, the product removes difficult dirt, typical of industries, workshops, warehouses. On resin floors make a preventive test on hidden parts.

10L plastic canisterLoose4080x120x77cm