Vaiolet Speed


Detergent with hygienizig, degreasing and anti-odour action for hard surfaces.

Ps 20°C: 
1,04 kg/l approx.
pH ≈

Concentrated alkaline multi-action detergent (3 in 1), with hygienizing, degreasing and anti-odour action. The complex blend of raw materials including quaternary ammonium salts neutralizes unpleasant odours of fried food, smoke, etc. Furthermore, special surfactants guarantee the total removal of various types of dirt present on floors and washable hard surfaces. Due to the high levels of alkalis in the product, it is particularly effective on oily dirt. It is ideally suited to the implementation of H.A.C.C.P. plans, and can be used in environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, gyms and changing rooms with high traffic, and in communal areas in general. Can also be used with some extraction machines (after degree of foaming has been checked). The product leaves a pleasant and long-lasting floral fragrance in the air. Not for disinfection.

5L plastic canister4 pcs2480x120x107cm
10L plastic canisterLoose4080x120x77cm