Pet Stop Smell


Repellent for dogs and cats

Ps 20°C: 
1,00 kg/l approx.
pH ≈

Exceptional detergent for preventing dogs and cats from soiling plants, walls, storefronts, car tyres, carpets and other unwanted places. Pet Stop Smell has been developed to be kind to animals, to humans and to the environment. The essential oils contained in the product emit an odour which is unpleasant to animals, who then avoid the place where it is sprayed. The active matters present in the formulation, among which the quaternary ammonium salts, also assure an effective cleansing action, hygienizing, the areas where animals have left their traces. With a pleasant citrus fragrance, the product is ready to use, and equipped with non-aerosol spray; must be used constantly according to prescribed recommendations.

750 ml bottle12 pcs + 2 sprays4080x120x137cm
750 ml bottle12 pcs + 12 sprays4080x120x137cm