Magico Igienizzante


Ready-to-use detergent hygienizer anti-limescale for daily cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens

Ps 20°C: 
1,00 kg/l approx.
pH ≈

Ready-to-use detergent with hygienizing action for hard surfaces. Formulated with a blend of surfactants and enhanced binding agents, when used daily it prevents the formation of limescale; ideal for removing stains and marks left by water and soap residue, great for cleaning the taps, stainless steel surfaces, bathtubs, showers and walls. With a neutral pH, this product cleans, sanitizes and restores shine to all surfaces without damaging marble, enamel and metal. The foam developed by applying the product enhances its effectiveness, increasing the contact time on the areas to be cleaned. With a long-lasting fresh fragrance, it leaves a lovely clean scent. Not for disinfection.

750 ml bottle12 pcs + 2 sprays4080x120x137cm
750 ml bottle12 pcs + 12 sprays4080x120x137cm
5L plastic canister4 pcs2480x120x107cm