Etamin Plus


H.A.C.C.P. hygienizing cleaner for all hard surfaces

Ps 20°C: 
1,00 kg/l approx.
pH ≈

Concentrated scented detergent with hygienizing and deodorant action, thanks to the presence of quaternary ammonium salts, the product is ideal for cleaning and daily hygiene for all waste containers and garbage cans. Can be used on large surfaces with pressure washer machine, without rinsing. Thanks to the action of quaternary ammonium salts that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, the product eliminates the unpleasant odours typical of wet waste. In addition, it ensures a high level of hygiene and deodorization, even after rinsing. The product is also extremely useful in high traffic areas such as gyms, classrooms, canteens, kitchens, changing rooms, toilets etc. Non-corrosive and non-toxic, it can also be easily diluted in cold water. Not for disinfection.

5L plastic canister4 pcs2480x120x107cm
10L plastic canisterLoose4080x120x77cm