Tailor-made is our standard!

Only six small steps for your company, a big leap (of quality) for your customers.
With a rigorous development protocol and all the accessory services for the production of customised detergents, Italchimes assists the customer in all the stages of production of the branded product. We are not just a supplier, but also a reliable partner. We offer help with the various choices that go to define and finally produce the item, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Research is a serious commitment that Italchimes undertakes with awareness, developing innovative new industrial chemical products for specific purposes.
The ISO 9001 standard marks the way, indicating the step by step procedure to follow, the product assumes its identity, developing the qualities that will make it stand out in the market. To create the right product, we need to analyse the function it has to perform, and in which specific field. However, there are other aspects to bear in mind when creating an effective professional detergent, such as the type of surface to be cleaned and the type of dirt to treat. Then there is whether the product needs to be rinsed off or not, how the chemical product could react in adverse conditions and, last but not least, its environmental impact.

Italchimes's laboratory technicians offer the customer the necessary support for each specific request, from telephone support, regulatory updating, and sample development, to material testing and comparison testing. Everything is designed to offer the customer the most effective specific formulation alongside compliance with the economic constraints of the project.

But not just formulations. Italchimes also accompanies the customer in the choice of packaging, labels and all the logistical and process requirements of the new project, and includes a comprehensive after-sales service.

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