Escalators, professional cleaning!

In public places (stations, airports, shopping malls, tourist attractions, old town centres with great altitude differences between neighbourhoods, etc.), it is important to encourage the movement of people with quick mobility that is comfortable even during intense flows. The escalator, an apparently simple but ingenious idea, appeared for the first time in the late nineteenth century, in various patents in America and in some buildings. It finally achieved great success at the 1900 Paris Exposition.

Initially, escalators were based on a principle similar to the conveyor belt, with wooden steps. These remained in use for a long time, until some serious accidents, such as fires, made all manufacturers switch to safer materials. One of the causes of some fires was the amount of dirt (e.g. fluff and other organic debris) that obviously forms in such densely populated areas. This is why today we use metals such as aluminium, in addition to the plastic of the anti-slip handrail. Escalators in Europe must now comply with European standard EN 115.

Proper cleaning is necessary for this invention to be used in optimal conditions. For this purpose, Italchimes has created Allu-Top, an alkaline degreaser for washing surfaces and items in aluminium and copper alloys, such as brass, copper and bronze, encrusted with dirt and processing residues. Allu-Top acts by dissolving and eliminating encrustations of dirt, both organic (fluff, fibres, grease) and inorganic (lubricants, etc.). Applied on metal surfaces, it removes dirt in depth, without attacking the treated surfaces and without causing undesired dulling, shading or browning. Its special formulation includes non-ionic surfactants with high degreasing power, alkalis such as metasilicate with anti-corrosive and non-aggressive properties on aluminium and the like, organic solvents for the effective removal of dirt, and new generation special phosphonates capable of dispersing dirt and preventing it from redepositing.

This is why Allu-Top can be used both manually and mechanically, and it is pleasantly scented.

In addition to Allu-Top for large surfaces, Italchimes also offers Allu-676, a ready-to-use detergent designed to quickly and deeply clean all aluminium surfaces such as windows, doors, railings, gates, pots, aluminium parts of engines and alloy wheels, available in 750ml bottles.

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